Clinton wins debate but Trump won’t concede tonight — or on Nov. 8

Hillary Clinton won the debate as Donald Trump stumbled bigly on one answer.

Hillary Clinton won the debate as Donald Trump stumbled bigly on one answer.

The third presidential debate is all over.

Hillary Clinton “won” it with some decent answers, while Donald Trump did OK in places but lost big time with his refusal to say he will concede if American voters reject him on Nov. 8.

Here are my comments first on the debate in italics, then those of readers:

Biggest Trump loser line of the night: He will NOT concede on Election Night unless HE wants to — no matter what voters say.

That was an EXCELLENT job by Chris Wallace of FOX News.

Trump: “We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama.” America: PLEASE, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE’D LIKE TO DO

Trump: “She’s such a nasty woman.” And that woman is going to beat you on Nov. 8. So a “successful” woman, too.

“I’m going to create tremendous jobs,” Trump says of his huge tax-break strategy. Ask Sam Brownback how that worked out in Kansas!

Trump: “I will keep you in suspense.” U.S. voters can eliminate that suspense by giving Clinton HUGE win on Nov. 8.

“She should not be allowed to run.” Got to say it: STFU

Oh, snap: Clinton on Trump’s hotel: “Made with Chinese steel.”

Trump is groping for the truth in answering the groping question. And failing.

Trump’s best line: “You have experience. You have BAD experience.”

Trump to Clinton: “You’re the puppet.” I think the drugs are wearing off. Get ready for blast off!

Hillary Clinton’s big winners so far: “I will defend Planned Parenthood. I will defend Roe v. Wade.”

From readers over the 90-minute debate:

37: Lee Kester: “I’m sure others noticed that DT used an example of late term abortion that doesn’t make medical sense. In the ninth month, a baby would be delivered by c section, or induced, not ripped apart. This would only be happening due to an imminent health risk to the mother. It is definitely a medical decision, not a “I decided to have an abortion in my third trimester” situation.”

36: Brien Bolen: “Hillary just said ISIS. So you can get off that bandwagon now.”

35: Fake Grover Norquist: “Hillary is daydreaming about what she will be wearing at her inauguration.”

34: Therese Park: “Darkness is ahead of us. Our next president shouldn’t be one who has no respect for human life, born or unborn. A man whose lifetime focus has been making money, a lot of money, and talks carelessly about women, immigrants, African-Americans and a certain religious group can effectively guide this nation which was founded by immigrants. Let us pray…”

33: xobekim: “Donald thinks 1 Senator, or 1 First Lady, or 1 Secretary of State have God like power to do anything. Can you imagine what he thinks a President can do?”

32: Devin brick Wilson: “The media is so corrupt..They’ve poisoned the minds of voters” – tr*mp (giving him free airtime for months)”

31: Steve Johnston: “I quit watching after Trump repeatedly called HRC a liar.  I’m now on Facebook.  Next is the Golf Channel.”

30: Devin brick Wilson: “Hey, nbcsnl  we can’t wait until Saturday night.. Maybe an early teaser from tonight’s  debates . Would enjoy it BIGLY!”

29: David Lindquist: “Lock him up…lock him up”

28: Fake Grover Norquist: “Great pivot from sexual assault to fighting at his rallies.”

(I do think Trump is landing some blows tonight.)

27: Don Huff: “I can’t believe anyone would want too do business with Trump after this presidential campaign.”

26: Sean O’Brien: “Of course Trump wants to interpret the Constitution according to his vision of what white male slave holders would have wanted.”

25: Sandy Geduldig: “I detest him bigly.”

24: Ralph Tomlinson: “NAFTA might be the area where Trump is correct.”

23: KnowVox: “Don the Con just proved he has no Economic plan. None. Nada. Zip.”

22: Lee Kester: “One thing that continuously bothers me about Trump is that he makes blanket statements that sound decisive and definitive, but there is no analysis behind those statements, no research or explanation…and he will state the opposite later. For example the job creation and tax cuts he talks about…where is the plan?”

That’s an excellent point, Lee.

21: Perry McCabe: “Hillary should take the high road tonight and let Donald take care of the gutters!”

20: Brian Bolen: “I’m checking in on my fantasy football league, because it’s probably going better than Donald’s “debate” performance.”

19: Fake Grover Norquist: “Putin didn’t outsmart Hillary by backing a competent candidate.”

18: Lee Kester: “The open border quote from Wikileaks was related to energy and trade, not immigration. This is likely to go over a lot of heads.”

17: xobekim: “Trump’s discipline broke at Puppet.”

16: Leah Lehmam: “The sniffling has begun !  And he talks but says nothing.”

15: Ralph Tomlinson: “Great defense of Roe v. Wade by Hillary.”

14: KnowVox: “The government should not be able to force a woman to either have a child or abort a child.” CLINTON WIN!”

13: xobekim: “Has Trump ever looked at a map? Local gun laws fail with multiple out of city resources nearby.”

12: Ralph Tomlinson: “I’ve always thought the people who rest on Boot Hill in Dodge City might oppose open-carry.”

11: M. Morin: “I have my finger on the mute button, but fourteen minutes in, I haven’t had to use it yet. The night is still young.”

10: Fake Grover Norquist: “Trump doesn’t really understand the SC”

9: Devin brick Wilson: ” tr*mp with fewer sniffles this debate, a little low energy, maybe benadryl?”

8: Brian Bolen: “Trump sounds exhausted. Are we sure he has the stamina to be President? Isn’t there a pill for this?”

7: Brian Bolen: “Trump already attempted to break his mic.”

6: Ralph Tomlinson: “Chris Wallace? Why not Chris Matthews?”

(Yow, not sure I could take that for 9 minutes, much less 90, Ralph.)

5: Megan Castellan: “I’d take Steve Schmidt more seriously as he begs for a grounding in reality if he wasn’t on the Make-Palin-VP campaign.”

4. Bob: “I cannot believe that another ‘debate’ will yield information that we don’t already know. that said, perhaps a drinking game will make the night go faster……I am tempted to say one shot per lie, but I don’t want to go into a toxic coma, or maybe I do!!”

3. Randy Patterson: “How many minutes will we go before we hear Trump sniff?”

2. L. Jones: “With the Cleveland Indians flooring the Toronto Blue Jays today, and Clinton favored to sweep Trump 3-0 in tonight’s 3rd debate, many Debate viewers may find themselves watching a blowout mismatch.  If so, a more competitive event can be found on FS1 Fox Sports as the Chicago Cubs, down 2 games to 1, attempt to even the series with the L.A. Dodgers. “
  1. xobekim: “On FACEBOOK live Boris Epstein is a Trump surrogate. Guess they couldn’t get Boris Badenov.

7:30 p.m. update: FB friend Kay Sweet had great idea: Use the hashtag #yaeltrail on Twitter and I will look there as well for comments to include in this special debate-night blog. Thanks.

6:30 p.m. update: Greeting readers. Are you going to watch the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at 8 tonight? Great, and I’m ready to publish your best views on the debate here on “Yael on the Trail.” Here’s how it will work.

Send your pithy, educated or sarcastic comments right from the start of the debate and then as it unwinds over the next 90 minutes directly to my email: Please put your name in the email.

I plan to update this blog post every 15 to 30 minutes. Yes, I’ll include some of my own views. But  I also would love to publish as many other responses as possible.

Trump, Clinton, Johnson and Stein supporters are all welcome for this special “Yael on the Trail,” where the readers take over. Thanks.

354 Thoughts.

  1. I cannot believe that another ‘debate’ will yield information that we don’t already know. that said, perhaps a drinking game will make the night go faster……I am tempted to say one shot per lie, but I don’t want to go into a toxic coma, or maybe I do!!

  2. Of course Trump wants to interpret the Constitution according to his vision of what white male slave holders would have wanted.

  3. My main questions from this debate are if Donald won’t respect the final count, what does that mean? Is he going to call for an armed uprising to take control of the government? Is he going to sue the states until he gets his way? Or is he just going to jump up and down until he gets his way? Does he not know that there are both a republican and democratic clerks at each polling place to verify who is voting is registered? Just don’t understand what he is saying.

    • I asked them to send comments to my email address or to my twitter account tonight so I could review and put many of them in the column. Thanks for reading.

  4. No one has mentioned the big (bigly?) moment when Trump started unraveling. Clinton was prepared to seize the moment with one single word. “Choked”. You could just see that giant narcissist internalize the insult and begin to stew. Well played HRC, well played.

  5. In this rather inane, but prototypical Abouhalkah-style of political propaganda, he crafts the message in advance of the debate, solicits fellow Liberal know-nothings to bolster his poisonous vile, and then spews the putrid entrails of their collective group-think upon the page in a jumbled discordant display of infantile tantrums.

    Hillary Clinton “won” nothing, as did Donald Trump. This debate entertainment fodder is simply part of the well-crafted corporate media working hand-in-glove with their government cronies to bolster and secure the status quo of Big Government, Big Wall Street, Big Corporate Oligarchy, Big Military/Industrial/Security State which continues to seek a lower standard of living for Americans, while emulating the Communist Chinese model of top-down authoritarianism.

    Who were the three people on stage?

    A billionaire reality-television show host, a long-time criminal seeking to extend the dynasty of the Clinton Crime Family, and a 2nd generation corporate news operative doing his best to keep Americans sequestered from the truth.

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