Chris Cindric for State Board of Education

Elect Chris Cindric to the State Board of Education in Kansas.

Elect Chris Cindric to the State Board of Education in Kansas.

Chris Cindric is the highly qualified person Johnson Countians should want representing them on the 10-member Kansas State Board of Education. Incumbent Steve Roberts does not deserve re-election to the District 2 seat.

The district includes parts of the county’s biggest and much-beloved school districts: Blue Valley, Olathe and Shawnee Mission.

The board is often an after-thought for voters. It shouldn’t be. The board, when controlled by ultra-conservatives, has embarrassed Kansans. A decade ago, the board promoted intelligent design over evolution. Fortunately, newly elected board members eventually reversed that decision.

Cindric is a Democrat who served for many years as a school psychologist, mostly in the Shawnee Mission district.  On her website she takes a shot at Roberts’ reputation for meddling by noting, “I do not believe the state board should micromanage individual districts.”

Roberts, a math tutor, is a Republican best known for two things.

He was among a group that tried but failed to get rid of the math portion of the Common Core curriculum standards; even the GOP-controlled Kansas Legislature wouldn’t do it earlier  this year.

He also used the “N” word during a 2013 Board of Education meeting. He was harshly criticized for his comments. Roberts brushed that off, saying, “I love getting out of the box, and I love developing a reputation for being willing to be politically incorrect.”

Cindric is right when she says Roberts looks too much like a supporter of Gov. Sam Brownback when it comes to educational policies.

Put Chris Cindric on the state school board and remove Steve Roberts. It’s the wisest decision for local voters.